Cajavec FSU (CAJAVEC Factory of signaling equipment) contemporary organized and equipped company was founded within the company CAJAVEC, Banja Luka in 1974.

As independent organizational unit Company “Factory of signaling equipment“develops and produces wide spectrum of products for car-electrics equipment.

Today, our company is recognized in this field all over Europe. Since January 2002 we are organized as joint-stock company with more than 200 employees.

Our products:

  • Car sirens of all types
  • Flickering lamp sequencers (flashers)
  • Windshield wiper sequencers
  • Electronic and electro-mechanical relays for different purposes
  • Transport and storage packing material
  • Services of electrostatic lacquer covering (plasticization)
  • Services of processing metals (leg-bail, milling, scission)

Long lasting business experience, modern machines, good business relations with companies in the region, our proven business reliability, excellent location with good road communications recommend us for the beginning and widening of cooperation with companies interested in:

  • Sale of our products
  • Rental of our capacities
  • Cooperative business in our and similar fields of production and services
  • Joint investment in development of our products
  • Participation in privatization in Republic of Srpska
  • Supply of auxiliary goods for our production etc.


CAJAVEC Factory of signaling equipment - Nemanjina 35 78250 Laktaši - Bosna i Hercegovina